Friday, December 26, 2008

Achieving Your Goals

Here's my contribution to the Three Word Wednesday prompt for the week. It's different than what I've been putting up, but I hope someone likes it!

Faith whispered, “It’s a miracle,” looking at the number on the scale in awe.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Dawn Break

Dawn slipped over the horizon. An orange hue colored the meadow, bringing new life to the wild flowers riotously growing there. Beth loved watching the sunrise over Lower Meadow. It was the literal bright spot of her day. Her way of making the drudgery easier to deal with.

Sighing, she continued on her way to Hearst House. She would have to hurry. Mrs. Atchison would skin her hide if she were late again. “Punctuality is a virtue, young lady.” Mrs. Atchison pronounced the last time she was late. Right before handing her a toothbrush, instructing her to clean the bathroom from top to bottom.

I will be out of this life soon, Beth thought. Cornelius promised it would be any day now.

Upon entering the side door, she heard Mrs. Atchison talking with someone. Recognizing Cornelius’s voice, she rushed forward. His next words stopped her in her tracks, however.

“The wedding will be on Saturday, June first. You are to send the invitations no later than next Monday. We want everything to be perfect. Alicia is finally home from London, ready to go ahead. I have assured her all is well. She is secure in my devotion,” he emphasized. “There will be no reason for her to postpone this time. No reasons! Do I make myself clear, Mrs. Atchison?”

“Yes, Sir, I understand perfectly.”

“Very good then, I leave it in your capable hands.”

Beth could not believe what she had just heard. Cornelius was getting married. To Alicia, no less. The woman he swore he wanted nothing more to do with. “You are the only one for me, Bethy, you know that. Alicia is in the past. She was too complicated, always wanting more. I need a girl like you, one who knows her worth without all the trappings,” he had told her on one of their early encounters.

Right before I tumbled on the bed with him, she groaned to herself.

“Oh, there you are,” Mrs. Atchison said, nearly running into Beth when she rounded the corner.

“You need to return home to pack,” she said, looking away uncomfortably.

“Pack? Why do I need to pack?”

“You are going to Cromwell House in Wales.”

“But why? Why am I being sent away? I do not understand,” Beth implored.

Shaking her head sadly, Mrs. Atchison replied, “I know, child, I know.”


I guess he kept his promise, Beth thought, watching Hearst House slowly recede as the carriage carried her to her new destination.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Cafepress Store

I have listed a few items on my cafepress store that have to do with writing and being published. Don’t know if any of you have a cafepress store, but they are pretty cool. It is free to open the basic shop, and it’s another way to showcase your creativity. I do wish I had a better image program, but even with limited capabilities, I have made a few sales on my products.

If you’d like to check my items out, click here. Everything on that page is mine. Let me know if you like the designs and little writing blurbs!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Poetry Contest Winner!

Two of my poems were picked. They will be published in an anthology in February of 2009. The anthology is going to be available from real bookstores like Amazon!

I still can’t believe it’s real! I entered three poems, and they picked two. That’s pretty good! I also won $20.00!

The poems will be between the sections of short stories in the anthology. I get my own copy of the book for winning which is even cooler!

When the link for the book is up, I will put it here on the blog so you can all check it out!
I am so excited!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Splendorous Smock

This is my contribution for the Simply Snickers poetry prompt this week.

Stoic demeanor
Hard fought
In light of the splendor
Of his smock

Monday, December 1, 2008


This is my contribution to the Weekend Wordsmith prompt. Hope you like it!

“Damn things keep multiplying!” Roger swore.

Picking up the rake, he started back to work. His back was killing him and he had calluses on his hands. The torture had started early that morning when he opened the door and saw that the front yard was covered. I need to do something about this, he thought, before stepping back inside to read the paper.

Putting it off as long as possible, he sighed before putting the paper aside and getting into his work clothes. The next obstacle was finding the rake because he couldn’t remember exactly where he’d put it. He hit his head on a shelf, stubbed his toe on the grill, and banged his elbow on the work table, before finding the rake sitting pretty as you please in the corner.

That was three hours ago. What he thought would be a quick job was turning into an all day affair. His wife and kids would be home soon. They were all going to watch a movie after dinner. If he weren’t done, he’d never hear the end of it.

Pushing the last stack onto the pile, he heard the car roll into the driveway. Just in time, he thought, heading to the garage to put the rake up. I’ll burn them in the morning.

He heard the squeals before he saw them. “No!” he screamed, but it was too late. He watched as the jubilant children jumped in, threw, and wrecked total carnage on his lovely pile of leaves.