Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Near Miss

My micro fiction piece for the Three Word Wednesday prompt this week.

Jeremy was lucky to walk away with just a sliver of wood from the sled as a reminder of his near death experience. Were it not for a freak twist of fate, his downhill slide would have ended in disaster. Instead, his friends all had a good laugh when he barely clipped the tree and flipped head over heels.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Three for Three Word Wednesday

Here are three micro fiction pieces for the Three Word Wednesday prompt. I hope y'all like at least one of them.


Angie sat in the corner, a sullen pout marring her face where just yesterday a radiant smile resided. When anyone asked what was wrong, she replied, “It’s brutal when trust is broken,” and started crying. 

 Leap of Faith

“Trust me, it’ll be fun.” Mark said before jumping from the plane with a brutal jerk. Jamie held on for dear life, the sullen sky the only witness to her terror. 

 Trust Yourself

Deidre looked at her mother sitting on the front row of the church, a frown upon her face, and remembered the woman’s words from long ago. “The world is a scary, brutal place, Deidre. You have to be smarter and stronger than the rest to survive.” 

Deidre couldn’t remember the number of times her mother had pounded that fact into her head. “Never trust anyone,” was another bit of advice she doled out often.

But Deidre decided to ignore all her mother’s warnings. She demanded that life be fun, exciting and happy. Not that Deidre wasn’t smart…she was. She was smart enough to know her mother’s life had shaped her worldview, and that the sullen mood her mother was always in didn’t have to be life for her. 

Deidre was strong too. Strong enough to place her trust in another person, to give her heart to him. Because Deidre knew that life without love would be brutal indeed. 

A radiant smile covered Deidre’s face as she placed her hand in Micheal's, and she began the next stage of her life. Another quick look in her mother’s direction confirmed that nothing had changed, but Deidre didn’t care. With a deep breath, she spoke her vows and let the chips fall where they may.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Little Kernel of Doubt

My newest story for the Three Word Wednesday prompt. It's a little different style for me, but I hope y'all still like it.

In the Realm of Possibility lived a little Kernel named Doubt. Nobody really liked Doubt because he was always causing trouble. Whether it was breaking up relationships, ending careers or just causing general unease, doubt was always being naughty, but the worst thing Doubt did, yes the worst thing by far, was when he committed murder.

Doubt didn’t mean to cause trouble; he just did what came naturally. He didn’t have a tactic or plan of action. He didn’t set out to hurt anyone. In fact, Doubt often wondered why bad things happened when he was around. It seemed that his mere presence made the optimistic people in the Realm of Possibility lose perspective and start wondering. He didn’t have to say a word.

Oh, but when he did start talking, things went from bad to worse. 

You could ask Joy what it was like to listen to Doubt, but she was no longer around. The people of Possibility missed Joy’s laughter and love, but what they missed most was her happiness. When Doubt killed Joy, he changed the very fiber of the realm. 

The things that made Joy Joy were also what killed her. The people of the Realm of Possibility thought that if only Joy had turned away when Doubt started talking, she would still be with them. But Joy couldn’t do that. She always wanted to help, to make others as happy as she was. So when Doubt started asking questions, she tried to answer, never knowing the answers were going to be the end of her, and that they would plunge the realm into sadness.

The first question of, “Why are you happy all the time?” was innocent enough. 

Joy gladly replied, “Because the world is beautiful, the people are safe and secure, and life is good.”

“What about Mary and Sam? They’re no longer together. Their world fell apart.”

Joy paused a minute before answering, thinking about the couple who had recently broken apart. “They will find their way. Maybe not together, but the world is full of happiness. We just have to be open to new things.”

Doubt shook his head. “Sometimes people can’t cope. I’ve seen them do terrible things to themselves and each other. How do you account for that?”

The thought of her selfish sister touching the inhabitants of Possibility made Joy weep. “Sometimes Despair reaches them before I can.” Joy answered. “She causes misery wherever she goes.”

“So life isn’t always good for people, but still, you’re always happy?” Doubt asked.

Joy hung her head as shame overcame her. She had never thought of it that way, but Doubt was right. How could she sit above the world, where nothing touched her, and talk about life being good, when those below were sad and upset. What right did she have to be happy when they were not?

While thoughts such as these swirled through her brain, Joy’s heart withered, until finally, her light went out, the last spark dying in sadness.

It took a while for the realm to figure out what happened. When they did, they went to the zenith to have a word with the Wise, but this time, it wasn’t enough. The Wise didn’t know how to fix things. He couldn’t bring Joy back. 

He told them that they could still be happy, that it was possible to make things better again, but they didn’t believe him. Because, you see, in the absence of Joy, even the smallest Doubt is too much, and the people in the Realm of Possibility were lost.