Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Fickle Love

Here's my micro fiction piece for Three Word Wednesday this week:

Tom and Charles were sharing some good-natured banter while tossing a ball back and forth until Tom caught a glance from Sarah, causing him to fumble and drop the ball on his bare foot, which led to some undignified hopping around. By the time he looked again, Sarah was gone.  

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Top of the Morning

 Here is my piece for the Three Word Wednesday prompts of the week.

Max gave the knife a jiggle. “Damn,” he muttered when the blade broke. “You can’t get a quality knife for anything these days.”

He rummaged in a kitchen drawer, finally finding a suitable spoon, which he used to pry the broken part of his knife out of Tucker’s chest. Once finished, he packed the spoon and both parts of the knife in his carrying case, wiped down the place, even though he knew the cops weren’t likely to dust for prints in the dingy rat hole, and walked out the front door. 

“Little early for that shit, ain’t it?” he snapped as he passed a bum lying in the alley, already half way through a bottle of cheap whiskey. “I’ll never understand some people,” he thought, admiring the sun rising over the heart of the city.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Final Choice

Here is my latest story for the Three Word Wednesday prompt.

Carl knew he didn’t have a choice, Fate had decided long ago his course of action. His indecision was from the fact he had gotten to know these people. He knew he shouldn’t, that it would lead to heartache… or what he suspected heartache felt like… but he did it anyway. He couldn’t help himself.

He never had the option of walking away. That wasn’t the way it worked. You were created, set on a course, and then the end came. His only consolation was that he’d stop the carnage that would have come should he not have been set on his course.

If they knew what he really was, they would shun him; maybe even kill him, which was ironic when you thought about it. In a few minutes, he’d do the job for them.

After one last look around, Carl pushed the button on his wrist, sat down, and waited for the blast.