Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Forget Me Not

“I told you this was a bad idea.”

“Will you just shut up and hold the rope steady.”

“How do you hold a rope steady?”

“Owww! Not like that!”

Quinn pulled the rope taut and tried to keep it from moving as much. He hoped Gregory hurried. All he needed was for the cops to show up. And for something so stupid!

“Hurry up!” Quinn ordered and jerked the rope.

“Shit! That hurt, you asshole!” Gregory screamed. "Give me some more rope."

Quinn laughed. “Serves you right,” he muttered under his breath. He enjoyed a rest while the rope went slack. Quinn knew Gregory was searching the livingroom for his watch.

Ten minutes later, Gregory yelled for Quinn to pull him up. “Good thing you’re a skinny bastard,” Quinn grunted as he pulled the other man over the edge of the chimney. “Did you get it?”

“No, I couldn’t find it,” Gregory said. He tried to brush the ash off his clothes but it was no use. “I know I left it on the table.”

“This what you’re looking for, boys,” a voice from the darkness asked and held up a watch.

Gregory turned abruptly and bumped into Quinn. “No!” Quinn yelled as he fell off the roof. He was still screaming when he stopped falling. The rope around his stomach felt like it was cutting him in two, but he all he could think was, “Thank God,” when he saw he was only a few feet from the ground.

On the roof, the man stepped from the darkness and held the watch out to Gregory. “Mr. Bridges?” Gregory whispered. “I can explain, I…”

“Oh, I know exactly what happened,” Mr. Bridges said and stepped closer. “You defiled my daughter.”

Gregory hugged the chimney. He had grabbed hold when Quinn went over the edge. He wanted to run, but knew he couldn’t let go. “I’m sorry, Mr. Bridges,” Gregory said. “I love your daughter. We should have waited. I want to marry her.”

Bridges laughed and moved closer. “You will never come near her again,” he said. “And if she should end up pregnant, I will see to it that the little bastard is gotten rid of. Your genes will never pollute our family.”

Gregory didn’t have time to reply. Mr. Bridges grabbed at him and started to pull.

“No!” Gregory yelled. He tried to hold onto the chimney, but his hands started slipping. The last thing he heard before he fell off the roof was Mr. Bridges say, “Time’s up.” 

Quinn’s screams joined Gregory’s for a few seconds before he hit the ground. He was trying to push to his knees when Gregory landed beside him. A minute later, Gregory’s watch followed him down.