Monday, February 9, 2009

The Other Woman

Sally watched Jason kiss the “other woman.” She felt the hatred well up. Her stomach was rolling, the sight made her so sick. How can he touch the whore with the same hands he caressed me with this morning, she wondered.

“You had to bring her to our favorite restaurant, you rat bastard,” she whispered under her breath. “Never worrying one of our friends might walk in.”

When the woman laughed it made Sally seethe. Her hand clinched so tightly the metal bit into her skin. When their hands laced across the table, she moved forward.

The look on the woman’s face was enough to convince Sally she knew Jason was married. Her shocked, “Oh my God, your wife!” only cemented her fate.

Arriving at the table, Sally calmly removed the gun from her pocket, shot the woman, then turned to Jason who was sitting in stunned silence. “At least you only lied to one of us,” she proclaimed before shooting him in the crotch. “If you live, I doubt you will have to worry about cheating on another woman,” she continued before raising the gun to her own head then pulling the trigger.

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