Monday, August 17, 2009

Playing with Fire

This is my contribution to the Your Photo Story prompt for July 27th.

Nancy watched flames dance in the evening breeze. An eerie smile graced her face while she slowly poured a line of gasoline from the small campfire to the tent, making sure to douse the outside of the enclosure.

Silently, she circled around the tent and back to the campfire. Once there, she sat the can down and drew a book of matches she had stolen earlier from her pocket. Striking a match, she giggled and dropped it on the line of gas.

She stood, transfixed, watching fire leap from the small blaze and follow the trail she had made to the tent.

“What the hell!” a voice cried from inside the tent.

Nancy giggled once more when the tent zipper refused to open; happy the glue she had applied earlier was working long enough for the fire to catch.

“Nancy!” the man yelled. “Help me!”

“I don’t want to help you tonight, Daddy,” Nancy replied. “I helped you last night remember? You said you’d never felt anything so warm.” Tears running down her cheeks, she added, “I told you it hurt, Daddy. That it burned like fire. You said a little fire never hurt anyone.”

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