Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Three for Three Word Wednesday Again

Three short pieces for Three Word Wednesday this week.

Story 1:
Only a remnant of the fragrant blossoms remained after the jostle the nursery van took upon impact with the other car.

Story 2:
The fragrant blossom left a remnant of scent on Travis’s suit coat even after he was jostled and the actual flower was crushed underfoot.

Story 3:
“Let me jostle your memory,” Sean whispered and held the fragrant lavender under Sarah’s nose. “Does that bring back even a remnant of the love we once shared,” he asked and then lowered his head and cried when no answer was forthcoming from his wife’s paralyzed lips.


oldegg said...

Each of your three pieces was tinged with sadness. Each was so easily visualized. Perhaps remnant is a sad word for you?

Sheilagh Lee said...

you are so good at this that I am envious.

Kim Nelson said...

These are terrific! Moments in time, clearly illustrated with very few words. I like your style.

Daydreamertoo said...

Oh, three different points of view of an accident.
So well said in those few lines too.
Great writing,

Dandelion Girl said...

three very interesting story plots. Very evocative.

Angel said...

Thanks so much for the kind words, y'all. I'm humbled.

Oldegg, I place no extra significance on the word remnant. These little pieces just jumped out at me as it were.

jaerose said...

Yes an undercurrent of darkness and loss..carefully stitched together..I so love the way you present three stories..I don't think I've ever seen it before..a new take on flash fiction..a micro three..very impressive..Jae

Angel said...

Thanks, Jae, glad you liked the pieces.

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Story 3, although frightfully sad, is my favorite. Well written!

My 3WW

Angel said...

It's my favorite too, Magical.