Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Many Feeted Love

I love the way he tickles my nose when he’s exploring. The feather light touch of each little leg makes goosebumps all over my body. When he crawls in my ears, now that’s another matter. It absolutely drives me crazy, and I think he knows it because he keeps rushing, well as much as a centipede can rush, right for my ears. 

When I push him away, I swear he smiles. I know, a centipede can’t smile, but if you saw the upturned look on his face, you’d be convinced as well. He takes pleasure in my discomfort. Of course, it could be revenge as well.

After all, I do keep him around for my amusement. I don’t see what he has to complain about, but he must not like it because he keeps trying to escape. Even though I have bonsai trees from him to crawl all over and house plants galore. Somehow, he knows he’s still not outside. 

I’ve caught him climbing up the wall toward the window more times than I can count. He’s running as fast as his many legs can take him. I sit back and watch until he reaches the window seal and then I snag him up. I know, it’s sadistic. I could pick him up at the bottom and he wouldn’t wear himself out. I always tell people we have a love hate relationship.

I sometimes think about letting him go, but not for long. Who would entertain me if he were gone?

It’s time to put him to bed. I even put a fake tree in his glass cage, but that doesn’t make him happy. He completely ignores it and lays in a corner all balled up. Oh well, you can’t please some people, or worms in this case.
I feel awful this morning. I know what the problem is, my stupid sleep walking habit. I never know what I do during the night, but I can always tell when I’ve been up roaming because I feel like I haven’t slept at all. I think I’ll go see Willy. He always cheers me up. 

Oh no! What have I done? 

I nudge him with my toe but he doesn’t move. I’m not really that far gone. I knew he wouldn’t move. Half his body has been squished. I pick his crushed little body up and give it a closer look. Interesting. His insides look funny. 

Oh well, no time to dwell on the past. Into the trash with Willy. I’ll find me another little friend at the park later today. Maybe the next one won’t like ears so much.


rissa watkins said...

This one made my skin crawl- so not a bug person. LOL

cute one though.

Angel said...

I'm not a bug person either. The prompt for this one, which I forgot to include, was to write about a pet that we've never owned. It was a fun little piece.

Tony Smith said...

Very cute. Although, I was kinda glad he got squished at the end. :-)

Angel said...

Shame on you, Tony...lol