Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Scared Spitless Release

Silly Tree Anthologies is pleased to announce that their first anthology, “Scared Spitless,” is now available in eBook format through Amazon Kindle and Smashwords. Angel Sharum and Cathy MacKenzie are very happy with the stories published in this anthology, and they believe you will enjoy them as well.

If you like creepy, scary, horror-filled stories then you are sure to enjoy “Scared Spitless.”

 The authors of Scared Spitless take readers on a wild ride of imagination, with twists and turns they’ll never see coming.

The ghosts are hospitable, willing to open their house to everyone. Hitchhiking is more dangerous than ever. Families are just as dysfunctional as in the real world, but time out is quite a bit different. Murder and mayhem have the cops stumped, and the local homeless shelter might not be a good place to pick up a date.

A mix of true-life and traditional horror fills the pages of Scared Spitless. The authors show us that no matter how bad things are, something worse could be right around the corner.

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