Thursday, January 8, 2009

Loving Deception

This is my contribution to the Three Word Wednesday prompt for the week. Hope you enjoy it!

Vincent sat silently in the corner, observing the other patrons. He fought rising panic, keeping his mind focused on the objective. Total dedication was required to bring this scheme to fruition.

He remembered stammering when April asked why they were going to this particular restaurant, since he usually balked at the prices and glitz of the place. He couldn’t remember the reason he came up with, although he knows it must have been weak because she’d been casting suspicious glances his way since sitting down. He would be glad when the deception was over. He’d never been good at subterfuge.

He watched Armand cross the crowed restaurant, stopping to address guests here and there along the way. The closer Armand got to his table, the more nervous Vincent became. To hide this fact, he quickly began eating.

Thankfully, April was enjoying the harpist playing in the vestibule, completely unaware of Vincent’s agitation. When Armand slid to a stop at their table, April smiled, looking questioningly at Vincent.

Armand set a bottle of champagne and two glasses on the table, then placed a piece of chocolate cake in front of April, before retreating.

Vincent heard April gasp when she noticed the ring resting in a rose petal that was atop the cake. He quickly dropped to one knee, took her hand and pledged everlasting love if she would be his bride.


Beloved Dreamer said...

Angel, this is very good. I am not much on flash fiction but would like to give it a try. Well done I loved it.


ThomG said...

Very sweet. Nicely done.

gautami tripathy said...

Love the ending..

somebody watching you!

lissa said...

I like the ending, the proposal was one of my guesses, I did perhaps think he might be giving her bad news at first

Angel said...

Thanks, y'all.

BD, I really like flash fiction. I'm not the best at it, but I keep trying so I can improve. It's certainly fun and challenging to tell a story in so few words.

Tanya Katerina said...

I think this is one of your best! I, too, thought perhaps it would not end well, but much to my pleasant surprise, it turned out very sweet. ^_^

Love it. <3

Angel said...

Hey,Tanya! Didn't even realize you read my little story blog here. Glad you liked this one. I was scared it wasn't exactly right!