Thursday, December 10, 2009

Horse Play

I'm cacthing up on the prompts for the Your Photo Story blog. Here is my second story of the day:

“Have you ever wondered what they’re thinking?” Terrie asked Barbra, looking deep into the horse’s eyes.

“I know what this one is thinking,” Barbra replied with authority.

“Yeah, sure, you think you know everything.”

“I’ll bet you ten dollars I know what this horse wants,” Barbra offered.

Terrie contemplated her friend. Barbra did have a habit of thinking she knew everything about everything, which was very annoying. Terrie didn’t want to part with ten dollars, but didn’t see how Barbra could possibly know what the horse wanted, and she would love to see her eat crow for once. Digging in her pocket, she pulled out the betting money and said, “you’re on.”

Barbra stepped around Terrie and said, “He wants a carrot.”

Terrie asked, “How could you possibly know that? Do you speak horse,” she teased, hearing the horse whinny at Barbra.

Pulling the hand she had concealed behind her back to the front, Barbra answered, “No, I just know he sure was eyeing this carrot hungrily before you got here,” before snatching the ten from Terrie’s hand, and laughing her head off.

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