Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Abandon all Hope

I put together 3 different micro fiction pieces for the Three Word Wednesday prompt this week. I hope y'all like at least one of them!

Frankie noticed with frustration the gradual abandonment of precise, surgical cuts in favor of larger, haphazard gashes the assailant had left on the body that signified they would have caught the bastard in the act if not for the afternoon traffic snarl on Fifth.

The gradual abandonment of moral values led the small town to accept into their midst the precise monster stauncher proponents of strict rules of propriety would have stopped in his tracks. The rise in revenue kept him there.

A gradual, precise technique wrought specific, trusted results. Unfortunately, scientists in the Omnicore Lab had been told to speed things up, abandon normal protocols and get the product to market. Sam Grimes, one such scientist, watched in horror as the local news reported yet another breakout of a disease of unknown origin in the BellsTown high school. Shakily raising his hand, he cocked the gun and said one last prayer, ending the torture, unable to watch one more child die in the name of expediency.


pia said...

Like how each story is so different yet lives up to the title

b said...

This is good...thank you.


Andy Sewina said...

#3 for me please! Enjoyed reading them all actually!!

'him' missing in #2
Lad/Lab? #3

Sorry I misssed you last week, I just couldn't get round everybody.

Tammy Brierly said...

enjoyed them all Angel!

ThomG said...

Each has a different feel. I like the last the best. one small typo, you have Lad and it should be Lab.

Timothy P. Remp said...

Very creative and well written.


gautami tripathy said...

I have felt at times that it is hope that destroys us, not despair..

undefined paths

bluepapercranes said...

i loved the individual pieces. to be honest, i didn't notice the title until i read pia's comment.. but now that i have, the connection makes these pieces even better. great work. :)

Angel said...

Thanks for reading, y'all,and for the typo help. I've had a rough few weeks, so I'm surprised there weren't