Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Goose and the Egg

I decided to get back into Three Word Wednesday. I like the words he chose today. This is a poem that features my take on old nursery rhyme characters. I hope y'all like it.

Mother Goose was very loose,
or so the story goes,
but one thing Mother couldn’t abide
was an offense to her nose.

When Humpty Dumpty came to call,
Mother Goose her nose did pinch.
She told him to be gone,
for he bore and awful stench.

Humpty was indignant,
he blustered and he huffed,
but it looked quite ridiculous
because of his girth.

Humpty had let himself go.
His shell was flabby and soft.
Mother Goose just pushed him out,
and told him to get lost. 

Mother felt a pang of regret
when she heard of Humpty’s fall the next day.
Not a big pang, mind you
because Humpty sure smelled better on her plate.

If you like this poem, you can find more like it in my new book, Scared Sleepy, which is available on Amazon in print and Kindle form.


Sheilagh Lee said...

very inventive and cute

Paige Nicole said...

LOL - and adorable!

Angel said...

Thanks, y'all, glad you liked it. I love writing these.