Friday, September 13, 2013

Boxed In

“What the hell?”

Ryan sat up and wiped the blood from his eyes. He tried to stand, but the dizziness forced him back down. By the time his head quit swimming, red covered his eyes again. He tore a piece of his shirttail off and wrapped it around the gash in his skull. From the amount of blood, Ryan thought he was going to need stitches. First things first, Bub, he thought. You have to figure out what’s going on and where you are.

Ryan looked around the room but it offered no clues. It was a small, box-like structure. No door, no windows, no openings in the floor or hatches in the ceiling. The only other thing in the room besides him was an ornate metal box. He crawled toward the box, but when he got there he found there was no way to open it. The box was solid with no lid or catch.

He picked the box up and shook it. He even threw it against the wall, but it did no good. If it held the key to his getting out, Ryan had no idea how to get to it.

His strength zapped from fighting with the box, Ryan rested against the wall. He knew there had to be a way out of the room. Someone had put him in there and they didn’t just walk through walls. If his head would quit hurting, Ryan was sure he could figure it out. Unfortunately, it didn’t seem like the pain was going away any time soon. 

After a few minutes, Ryan pushed to his feet. He had to lean on to the wall to stand, but he managed. Concentrating through the pain, he worked his way around the room, testing the walls for hidden passages or openings. There was nothing. Just walls.

“Let me out of here!” he screamed. “Dammit, whoever you are, let me out!” He yelled and pounded his fists against the walls to no avail. The only thing he accomplished was wearing himself out.

Ryan slid down the wall and sat. He had just closed his eyes when a prickle of dread passed through him. Before he could react, the box came hurdling toward him.
Ryan sat up and wiped blood from his eyes. He looked around the small room. His eyes rested on the ornate metal box. “What the hell?”

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