Wednesday, September 4, 2013

From the Mouths of Babes

This story was written off this photo prompt from Pinterest:

“I don’t want to go in there.”

Karen sighed and unfastened Jacob’s seatbelt. “It’s just a building, baby, it’s not going to hurt you.”

Jacob didn’t know why his mom couldn’t see it. The building itself was scared, and if the building was scared, then Jacob wasn’t going near it.

 He held on tight when his mom tried to get him out of the seat. His mom pulled and pulled, but Jacob wouldn’t let go. 

“Honey, please,” his mom begged. “You have to go inside and talk with Dr. Kurt.”

“Why can’t we go to his other office?” Jacob asked.

“He moved, honey. This is his first day here. He doesn’t have the other office anymore.”

“He shouldn’t have done that,” Jacob said and peeked at the building again. 

Karen wasn’t sure what to do. She knew Jacob shouldn’t miss his appointment because that always set him back, but she didn’t want to manhandle him out of the car either. Finally, she decided that she would go inside the building and get the doctor to come out and help with Jacob. It wasn’t the greatest solution, but the parking lot seemed secluded, and it was in a good part of town. She hoped Jacob would be fine until she came back out.

When Karen told Jacob she was going in to get the doctor he went crazy. He clawed at her arms trying to keep her from leaving; screaming that he building was scary. “It’s okay, Jacob,” Karen soothed. “I’ll be fine. You’ll see.”

Karen finally managed to free herself from her frantic son. She made sure he locked the door behind her and squared her shoulders. Sometimes, dealing with Jacob’s issues was harder than others. Karen hoped the doctor would be able to help calm him today. 

She looked back one last time and then opened the door. Jacob watched in terror as she was sucked inside. The last thing he saw of his mother was her fingers as she tried to hold on to the side of the building. Her screams reached him inside the car when the door to the building swung shut.

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