Thursday, November 27, 2014

Tom Turkey

Tom Turkey was kind of jumpy
He had to get out of town quick
He’d heard people talking,
and what they were thinking of doing to him was sick

All trussed up on the Thanksgiving table
Getting carved up for all to savor
He couldn’t bear the thought
Tom had to hurry before he was caught

Tom skipped along, dodging tree limbs and jumping stumps
Going as fast as his little legs would carry him, busting his hump

But as he rounded the bend,
Tom saw two men in front of him
He quickly ducked to the side,
and watched as they searched far and wide

Tom was hid well,
His feathers blended in with the leaves
He was almost in the clear
until he sneezed

Tom tried to get away,
He gave them a merry chase
but, alas, that wasn’t to be the case

The men grabbed Tom,
and put him in a sack
He kicked and he squawked
but it only got him another thwack

When Tom quieted down,
the men should have worried,
but they didn’t
they were in too big a hurry

Tom had a plan
He was going to be free
He would not end up on someone’s plate
Not he

The men reached camp
and opened the sack
That was when
Tom went on attack

He jumped out,
claws bared
and went straight for
the first man’s hair

Tom dug deep,
to the bone he tore
It was life or death
the screams he ignored

The second man grabbed Tom,
and tried to pull him off his friend,
but Tom was having none of it
He tore into him

He poked the man’s eyes out with his beak
And ripped and shredded his skin with his feet

Tom was determined to win
His life was on the line
He would do them in
It was only a matter of time

When the fight was over,
Tom was beat
He had never fought so hard
His stomach rumbled,
Reminding him he had to eat,
But Tom was too tired

To go foraging in the woods
To search out his normal treats
Then it came to him,
What he would eat

Tom started a fire,
and then he surveyed the slain beasts
He didn’t relish the coming meal,
Even though it was sure to be a feast

This is one of the original poems in my book, Scared Sleepy, which is available on Amazon. I know it's a little weird, but I hope you like it.

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