Sunday, September 21, 2008

Playground Dreams

This is my contribution to the 1000 words meme contest. I love finding all these new places to write for. I hope someone likes the story!

The clock was stuck at 1:55. Charles was sure of it. He’d been staring outside at the playground for hours, but the clock hadn’t changed. He really wanted to go outside and play. School work was boring!

“Charles, are you finished with your paper?” Mrs. Sutton asked.

“Yes Ma’am. I finished it a long time ago. When can we go outside?”

“At 2:00, the same time we go for recess every day.”

“Is the clock broken, Mrs. Sutton?”

“No, Charles, the clock isn’t broken; just like it wasn’t broken yesterday or the day before. Just be patient.” Mrs. Sutton sighed.

Charles wasn’t good at being patient. He wanted to play now. He didn’t understand why the other kids couldn’t get done faster. If they did he was sure Mrs. Sutton would take them outside earlier.

“Hurry up, Terry, I wanna go outside,” Charles said to the friend sitting in front of him.

“Charles, that’s enough. Quit bugging people. If you disrupt the class one more time I’ll have to send you to the principal’s office.” Mrs. Sutton warned.

Charles sat back in his desk and crossed his arms. He didn’t want to go to the principal’s office again. His parents didn’t like that at all. He’d just have to wait on all the slow pokes to finish. Hopefully tomorrow they’d be faster.


The next day when Charles got to class he saw that the clock was missing. He knew it was broken! Mrs. Sutton must have taken it down to fix it.

“Mrs. Sutton, when will the clock be fixed?” Charles asked.

“The clock is not broken, Charles, I told you that.” Mrs. Sutton replied.

“Where is it then?”

“I took it down. Now you will just have to wait until I say it’s time to go outside.”

Charles didn’t like this at all. It’s not fair to take the clock down! He needed to know how long he had to wait. He would be sitting here forever now!

“Ok, Charles, quit brooding and do your assignment.” Mrs. Sutton ordered.

“Yes Ma’am.”

The next thing Charles knew, Mrs. Sutton was standing up and saying it was time for recess. Charles couldn’t believe it. He knew that stupid clock had been broken. He hadn’t even finished his assignment today, and he always got done before 2:00 according to the clock. He should know, he looked at it often enough. Now he’d get an even worse grade!


Anthony James Barnett - author said...

Congrats. I quite liked it. A moral for life. Good!

Angel said...

Thank you very much. I'll have to see what this week's prompt is. I haven't had much time on the computer in the last few days. I have to read all the other entries still!