Saturday, September 20, 2008

Taking a Stand

It sure is peaceful and quiet here tonight. The only sound for the last hour has been the steady swoosh of the shovel.

“If it’s true that rain at funerals means God is crying, then He really didn’t have any use for either of you, did He?” eh Mom?

I haven’t felt a single drop yet, and there isn’t a cloud in the sky, just thousands of stars.

Better get back to work.

“No rest for the wicked,” eh Mom.

There we go, that’s the last shovel full. Now I just need to make sure to pat it all down good. This wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. I guess when you’re determined, you really can do anything.

“And you always said I would never accomplish anything. Guess you know better now,” eh Mom? I doubt this was what you had in mind though.

I think I got everything back in the truck now. Better go check one more time just to be sure, wouldn’t want to leave any evidence behind. Nobody should be out here until next spring, and by that time the graves will have settled quite nicely.

“Bet you’re both sorry you brought me out here now aren’t ya?”

Bob always wanted peace and quiet, wasn’t that why he was always taping my mouth shut? That’s what he said anyway, and what you let him get by with. Standing there with your hands on your hips telling me it was for my own good. I wonder if you knew how much it hurt when the tape was pulled off. Not that you’d care. A little pain never hurt anyone, right?

“I guess you know first hand now,” eh Mom? “And, Bob, it doesn’t get much quieter than this!”

Yep, I got everything. No trace left behind as the hikers say. I even melted the poker down with the acid in the garage. “Remember the acid, Mom?” I sure do. I’ll never forget that day. How could I, when I have the scars to remind me?

Should I say a eulogy? How bout this:

Mom and Bob raised me well.
They taught me pain and put me through Hell.
I learned from the best how to inflict pain.
After tonight nothing will be the same.
I can go my own way; make plans,
because I finally took a stand.
No more beatings, cursing, or torture.
I put an end to it all with the fire poker.

“Pretty funny,” eh Mom? I think it’s catchy. Too bad I can’t etch it on a tombstone for the world to see. It would be nice for everyone to know just how sick and twisted both of you were.

“You want to hear the story I’ve made up for the two of you disappearing?” I’ll tell you anyway. You’ll get a kick out of it. “Remember how you always wanted to go on a world tour?” Well, you’re getting your wish.”

I’m sure you think no one will believe that because you and Bob didn’t have the money for a trip. I’ve fixed that also. You see, I won the local lottery the other day. Yep, yours truly won $50,000! Of course, I’ll tell everyone that Bob won the money and that’s how you were able to tour the world, and that I’m going to stay with family while you’re gone.

As for me, I’m taking the money and leaving. I think I’ll go to Montana. I’ve always thought it looked beautiful on television and it’s far enough away from Maine that no one should come looking for me. Not that they would anyway. You did a good job of keeping me isolated from the world. Couldn’t have them seeing the bruises now could we?

“I used to love you so much, Mom, did you know that?” You were my whole world when Daddy died. “Remember reading to me at night, taking me to the park, and helping with my homework?” I never understood how you changed so much when Bob came into the picture. It’s like you became a whole new person, doing whatever he said, never believing anything I told you. The first time you took his side over mine broke my heart.”

”Do you remember that, Mom?” When I told you Bob had touched me in places he wasn’t supposed to while you were at work? You slapped me! Yelling that I was never to say such things about Bob again, that he was a good man and was taking care of us. That was the first night you let him tape my mouth shut. I learned then that it didn’t matter what he did, you’d always believe him over me.

“Were you that desperate for love, Mom? Wasn’t my love enough?”

Well, that’s enough talking. Gotta get this show on the road. I have people to see and places to go, and you both have to get settled into Hell.

“Goodbye, Mom.”


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