Saturday, April 25, 2009

Shit Happens

I had a writing prompt the other day on the Accentuate Writers Forum. It wanted to know what you would do if you were on the toilet, had finished your business, and found yourself to be without toilet paper on the roll, or under the cabinet. This is the story I came up with...

Doug finished his business, put his guns and ammo magazine down, and reached for the toilet paper. Coming away with only a wispy torn scrap, he reached over to get a new roll from under the cabinet.

“Damn!” he snapped, finding an empty Angel Soft bag.

He looked around, hoping to spot some sort of paper, with no luck. Finally, he decided the only recourse left was to hobble over to the pantry and get a washcloth.

Doug pulled his pants up to right above his knees, let out a deep breath, and stood half way up. He held his pants scrunched tightly in both hands, hobbled toward the pantry, keeping his but poked in the air, and the cheeks spread.

Finally reaching the pantry, he pulled the door open, only to see bare shelves.


After hitting the top shelf hard enough to knock it loose, where it in turn fell on the next two shelves, leaving the pantry a complete mess, Doug hobbled to the closet and snatched a shirt off its hanger.

Once he finished wiping, he buried the dirty shirt under the top layer of clothes in the hamper.

“That’ll teach the lazy bitch to keep the laundry done,” he quipped.


E. Alegra Clarke said...

I have just started to explore flash fiction - I loved reading through a few of yours. There is a real craft to writing such a tight storyline in so few words and the success seems to really weigh in on how it ends.

Angel said...

I have read up on flash fiction, and most, though not all, places that publish it want a twist ending. I don't remember exactly why, but it seems to be done more often than not.

I love writing flash fiction. I find it hard to write longer works!

zorlone said...

Hi there! I am a lurker in your blog and I have just had the guts to comment now.

I am a fan of your writing style. There, now that I was able to put it out in the open I can breath better.

I have just recently started writing again and i discovered a lot in a short time. Flash fiction is something I want to learn more.

I hope to visit your blog again, you may notice my drops at your site. I find it interesting to make brilliant stories like yourself.

Great work!


Angel said...

Thank you so much, Zorlone. What a nice compliment!

I think you will love flash fiction once you really get into it. You should join the 3 Word Wednesday writing prompt for ideas!

zorlone said...

Okay, I will be looking forward to that. I hope I can keep up.

I'm still reading about flash fiction at wiki hehehe. installed a new comment moderation widget at my blog.

I am attempting to write short stories too. :D



blisshappens said...

Living with a caveman husband and two growing cave-boys, I've had my share of skiddies and more... very gross, very disgusting but entertaining! (your post that is, not the "surprises" I sometimes find in the laundry) - Meg

Angel said...

LOL, eeeewww, Meg! I'm sorry you have those problems!