Wednesday, April 29, 2009

To Pay or Not to Pay

This is my contribution to the Three Word Wednesday prompt for the week.

Brandon knew an opportunity when he saw one. The quarrel with his conscience didn’t last long.

“Wonderful service, old chap,” he informed the waiter, slapping him on the shoulder on his way out the door, leaving the check and payment in the little folder on the table.

“Damn,” cried the waiter, retrieving the money and noticing he had forgotten to add the entre to the bill. “What happened to all the honest people?”


Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Oh, man! Good one, Angel.

ThomG said...

I know there are people out there who see the opportunity. But fir anyone who has ever worked in food service, this is painful. Don't forget to tip your wait staff, they're here all week.

Angel said...

Thanks, Susan.

You are so right, Thom. My mom was a waitress for 20 years, and I did a stint of it myself. Tips are greatly appreciated.

SweetTalkingGuy.. said...

Yeah, nice little story, with a story!

Tumblewords: said...

Enjoyed this piece! The end was surely a surprise and the message rings true!

floreta said...

i always tip at least 20%!

Witchmojo said...

That one made me laugh, Angel. Always tip your waiter/ess, especially if you plan on returning ;0)

Lucy said...

oh don't get me started answering that waiters question!
this really hit me, 'cause I have such a pet peeve about this kind of dishonesty.
WHere HAVE all the honest people gone? and the ones with integrity and thoughtfulness and respect for their fellow man?
Our world is a changin and I don't A like It! but I did LIke your poem and where you let the prompt take u! :)
(sorry... i got carried away)

Jeeves said...

Like this. So different this one:)