Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Smooth Landing

I combined the Three Word Wednesday and Your Photo Story prompts again because the words seemed to work so well for both this week! I hope y'all enjoy my little story.

Mom always did say I loved to flirt with danger, Floyd thought, looking down and watching the ground grow larger and larger. I bet she never dreamed I’d take it this far though, he mused, running over the ploy once more, ensuring he remembered everything.

Checking below, marking the distance left, he pulled the ripcord. Drawing on years of experience, he glided smoothly toward the earth and his ultimate destination.

Landing softly, Floyd cut the parachute cords and disengaged himself. He then silently stepped around the corner of the house, stopping when in view of the two occupants in the hot tub.

“Floyd,” Samantha sputtered, dropping her champagne glass and grabbing her bikini top, trying to cover herself.

Floyd calmly pulled his gun, shot Samantha and her new boyfriend, and then retraced his steps. Packing the chute in a bag he’d brought along, he went around the back of the house to the cliff edge, whistling all the while.

Checking his equipment to make sure all was well, Floyd dropped off the face of the cliff into a stunning sunset. The second small chute worked wonderfully, allowing Floyd to descend quietly to the canyon floor.

After touching down, Floyd walked into the mouth of the canyon, dragging the parachute behind him to eradicate his tracks. He still had on the shoe slipcovers, but figured it was better to be safe than sorry.

Arriving at the river that ran through the canyon, Floyd gathered wood to make a fire on the bank. He took off the shoe covers, stepped into the river, and then threw the covers in the fire along with the parachute and all its accoutrements.

Once the fire went out, Floyd brushed all the evidence off into the river.

That went rather well, he thought, swimming to the boat he had left in the river the night before.


ThomG said...

Wicked fun. That's revenge to the Nth level.

One slight problem I had - you used the word cut to get him out of the parachute. That made the second jump a bit hard for me to grasp.

Angel said...

Thanks for pointing that out. In my mind I talked about the smaller chute being a second one, but forgot to put anything about it in the story. I'll go fix it.

Lucy said...

great tale of revenge

Tumblewords: said...

Well, and let that be a lesson to her and the other dude! Don't mess around with Floyd. Good short!

Witchmojo said...

Giggling here. I can think of a 'friend' or three who would suit the purposes of this tale and thanks for the ideas. *Evil grin* Seriously, great story and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

Rose Works Jewelry said...

I had a lot of fun reading that one!

sudharm baxi said...

Good read..

Loved the way, you portrayed Floyd, a true dude with no chagrin at all.