Friday, April 13, 2012

Lie to Me

Stacy knew Jacob was leaving. She didn’t know when, but she knew it was inevitable. 

He’d been leaving too many clues.

She also knew why he was leaving. She knew, but there was nothing she could do about it. She didn’t know how you could make someone love you again.

If she could only go back to last month, she would do things differently. She never would have gone to the gym that day, and she definitely wouldn’t have gone home with the new dance instructor. 

A fight with Jacob was the excuse she had used to convince herself it was ok. At the time, it was easy to talk herself into trying something new. Now, she hated herself, almost as much as Jacob hated her.

Each morning when Jacob left for work, Stacy silently prayed that he would return that evening. She had been the perfect wife since the incident, but she knew it wasn’t helping. You really can’t take some things back, she realized. But she also knew that some couples got past indiscretions. 

She just didn’t believe Jacob knew how to do that. 

When the alarm clock signaled it was time for Jacob to get up, it was all Stacy could do not to reach for him. Instead, she lay and watched him get dressed. Something in his movements and lack of eye contact put her on edge.

At the door, Jacob started to say something, but Stacy stopped him. She could tell from the sadness in his eyes that the time had come, and instead of hearing him say it, she whispered, “Lie to me,” and softly kissed him goodbye.

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