Monday, October 27, 2008


This is my contribution to the Weekend Wordsmith prompt. The word for this week was "down". Hope you like the story.

Larry knew he’d heard a scream earlier, but he couldn’t find anyone. He’d been walking around the woods for two hours now. It was twenty degrees out so he knew if someone was hurt out here they’d need help. Left to the elements a person would die tonight.

He decided to give it thirty more minutes. There was one section he hadn’t checked yet. He headed in that direction hoping to come upon whoever was out here before it was too late.

The forest floor was dense with vegetation in this section. Larry tripped more than once during his search. He kept looking because he knew the sound earlier was a scream; he was sure of it!

Larry wasn’t watching his footing. He was looking around so he wouldn’t miss anyone that had fallen. His didn’t know his good intentions were going to be rewarded very soon.

Larry didn’t see the log until it was too late. He tripped over it and started falling. The last thought he had as he fell down the abyss was that he now knew where the scream came from.


~willow~ said...

... and will Larry's scream call forth another person who will then scour the woods unsuccessfully and end up tripping over the log and into the (pit?), letting out his own scream that will call forth another potential rescuer...? :D

I liked it, can you tell? :)

Angel said...

That would really be a neverending abyss!

Thanks for reading!