Monday, October 6, 2008


This is my contribution the the 100 Words meme. I missed last weeks! Hope y'all like this one.

“Are you wearing that to school, Debra?”

“Yes, Mother. It’s what all the girls wear these days,” Debra replied.

Her mother looked her over again from head to toe. The outfit left nothing at all to the imagination.

“Isn’t it a little revealing?” she asked her daughter cautiously.

“No more so than anyone else’s clothes at school,” Debra said with a shrug.

“I think you should change, Debra.”

“But I thought you wanted me to blend in, Mother. Remember, you always said if I stood out people would notice all my flaws,” Debra replied as she went out the door.


Losing Myself said...

If she were my daughter, she'd never get out of the house dressed that way! LOL

Great 100 words. Have a blessed week!

Angel said...

Oh, I feel the same way. My husband and I often say it's a good thing we had a son instead of a daughter. She'd hate

In my story it's sorta the moms fault though for telling her daughter to blend in or her flaws will show. Another spin on the story in a way.

The mom should have been telling her daughter to love herself and be pround of herself no matter what. It came back to bite her telling her daughter to blend in.

That's what I was trying to get across

Sanjay Chhabria said...

A reply to your comment on my blog:

My poetries usually surround people's feeling. This time it was mine.

I hope your Mom is fine now?

Sanjay Chhabria said...

That's seriously bad. I hope and pray that she comes out of this trauma.

Patsy said...

There's a lot that goes into raising children. It is easy to say what we will do but not always easy to do it. Or at least that is what I found raising 3 daughters. The conversation sounds pretty typical -- I like you explaination of the mom's mistake in you reply comment. Sometimes, as a mom, it would be nice to get *overs*.

Angel said...

I know what you mean, Patsy. Even though I only have a son there are things I would love to do over also.

I'm glad I got the tone of the conversation correct!

Anonymous said...

huh. if those were my parents, it wouldn't have gone down so easy. nevertheless, I sense contention in those 100 words :)

Angel said...

So true. But alot of parents don't seem to have control of their children anymore.