Monday, October 20, 2008

Wasting Daylight

This is my contribution to the 1000 Words meme for the week. You really should go check out the picture they have up, it's beautiful!

Annabelle couldn’t wait to go outside. She was literally hopping from one foot to the other waiting on her mother to get ready. She’d been ready for hours. She didn’t understand why her mother had to sleep so late, and then take so long getting ready.

“Come on, Mom, we’re burning daylight here,” she cried.

After her mother finished laughing she asked, “Where did you hear that, Annabelle?”

“From Daddy.”

“It does sound like something he’d say,” her mom agreed.

“Are you ready, Mom?”

“Ok, come on I’m ready now,” her mom said as she grabbed her coat.

Annabelle already had her coat on. She’d been wearing it for the last hour, even though her mom said she’d get too hot. She wasn’t worried about that, she just wanted to go.

She was in the car and buckled up before her mom even got down the driveway. Her foot was swinging back and forth against the seat as she waited impatiently for her mom to back the car out. She just couldn’t wait to get there!

Once they got to the park, she jumped out of the car as soon as it stopped. After running around to her mom’s side, she grabbed her hand and pulled her along. Once they rounded the bend she stopped with a gasp.

“Oh, Mom, isn’t it beautiful? God painted the trees again. I just knew He would!”


~willow~ said...

I agree, this week's photo is amazing. I'm still figuring out where to go with it.

I think your take on it is very nice :) painted the leaves, indeed!

Angel said...

Glad you liked it.